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My love of architecture began when I was a kid. At age 5 my small class piled into vans and came to draw pictures of the beams, portico, and stairs and our new home. Home was special to me growing up. I had 2 brothers and over 20 cousins. My parents were teachers and they invited guests in every weekend it seemed to me. My deep love of home and family clung to me as my wife and I started our own family. Once we had children, I finally knew what my parents had experienced as they carefully crafted their home, designed the layout, and had an architect bring their dream to reality. 

After graduating from Wake Forest in 1995, and then Duke Divinity in 2003, there were many twists in the road. I invested my early career life in people, pouring into high school kids, pouring into elected officials, and even into the homeless population in Raleigh. In 2015 I was encouraged by my wife to bring all these varied experiences helping people into one venue. We agreed that real estate would be the perfect fit. Licensed in 2016, I came to AllenTate and immediately sold 7 houses in my first year. Given that I was only working part time, I felt quite proud. My experience as a minister, as a teacher, and as a stay at home dad had perfectly prepared me for the task of being a trusted advisor to my clients. If a client called me at 11:00 pm and wanted to know why their DocuSign didn’t work, I was there for them. If a clients home had an encroachment from their neighbors fence, I was happy to walk each client through the problems. This experience of being in the real estate marketplace taped into another of my passions, my love of supporting people through difficult times of decision. In this case, I was not at the bedside of someone dying, but, I was helping people dream about placing the bedroom of their soon awaited little girl. 

After many many years of serving the Raleigh community, I have now transitioned quite successfully into the field of a full time real estate broker. I proudly serve on the Government Affairs Committee, and will continue to educate myself to the demands and triumphs of the real estate world. I have negotiated multi million dollar deals, sold $40,000 parcels of land in South Raleigh, and watched dear friends sail into a home in Knightdale, NC. I have lived in Midtown Raleigh and North Raleigh, but I have broad experience that crosses lines as far as Durham, Apex, and Cary, NC. The bottom line is this. I love what I do. I am ready to help you, and experienced to be your trusted advisor. 

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